Perpetual Adoration

Perpetual Adoration

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a period of silent prayer and meditation in front of our Lord Jesus, truly present in the Holy Eucharist, exposed in a monstrance on the chapel altar. Our parish is blessed to have a place of quiet contemplation to abide with our Savior at any time. We have had Eucharstic Adoration at St. Pius X since September 8, 1995. Visitors are always welcome to spend prayer time in the chapel.

The adoration apostolate is a group of lay persons who commit to an hour of prayer in the chapel during the week so that it is available at all times for everyone. If you are interested in signing up for a weekly hour of adoration, please contact the parish office by phone at (425) 775-7545, or email the Parish Office. We will need to know your name, phone number and the hour of your commitment (am or pm.)

To commit to an hour means you will be responsible for making sure you will be in the chapel during your hour, or will find a substitute. Most people ask family, friends or have another adorer cover for them. Others trade with someone who has the same hour on a different day, or ask the person on the hour right before or after them to help. The best idea is to get a friend to sign up with you and share the prayer time and commitment. Catholics from surrounding parishes are welcome to sign up.

See the Sunday Bulletin for hours in need of a commitment. You are welcome to visit the chapel and check the bulletin board for more information or to sign-up. Preferably there should be at least two adorers signed up for each hour.

There was an article in the Seattle Times in August 2001 about Perpetual Adoration at St. Pius X.

Occasionally when there is inclement weather, the chapel will be closed so folks don’t have to travel in dangerous conditions. Call the parish office at (425) 775-7545 for an update. If you receive the automated answer, press 4 to hear the Perpetual Adoration message.

To learn more about Eucharistic Adoration, please visit these websites:

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